Life after loss, learning about the Other Side & upcoming plans to stay tuned for!

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I hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Monday! Not only is it my birthday month now but it is also almost hockey season which is the beginning of my favorite time of year!! Hockey is starting, it’s my birthday month, the State Fair of Texas just opened Friday and Christmas is only 83 days away! Can you believe that?!!

I will be in the process of setting up all of my content on sometime in the near future so stay tuned for a lot of my favorite products to be uploaded and easy to look through all in one spot once I finally get it all set up!! I’ll share a little secret… Once I have a somewhat larger following, I will more than likely start doing giveaway baskets every few months. They’ll have some of my favorite must haves and more of my other favorite things (ie: Starbs tumblers😍😍😍), not just the amazing products I talk about and have codes to share with y’all, just some of my other fav goodies to share the love!

So keep a lookout on my Instagram stories for details on upcoming giveaways to enter!

Let me just say this… Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am now, at 26 years old. An unmarried widow living with my parents, after having a major surgery on my ankle almost a year ago putting me out of work for months, without a house of my own and minus my spouse I long for every single minute of every single day. You know… When I met Tyler, I think it was love at first sight. I knew he had CF from the moment I laid eyes on him and I knew what the outcome would be but that didn’t stop me from loving him ever so fearlessly. Over those 5 years we were together, we were on and off but even when we were “off”, we weren’t really off. No matter what, there was always something there that never went away even though the label did. And I always thought I would be able to prepare myself for when “that time” came.. But boy was I really fucking wrong! Even if you are anticipating your spouses death in the near future when they have a terminal illness and you know it is coming, that does not make that moment any easier or less painful. Those first six or so months, I was a complete and utter disaster. I am dead serious. I was a mess. Crying all the time, out of no where just waves of emotions and balling my eyes out in the most public places, so many days and nights in bed not wanting to do a damn thing, trying to get used to being alone in bed at night for quite some time to come, coming to the harsh reality that I will never get another phone call from him, no more back “scratchies”… You name it!
But what made it a little less painful and what made the waves come less frequently were time and those books I had mentioned over the weekend! I cannot even say enough how those books completely changed my life. I would hate to spoil all of the books because I know for damn sure I could never say it as good as Concetta Bertoldi does! I will say, initially, the first book helped me so much with the experience I had just had shortly before finding the books and also helped me in understanding how afterlife and the Other Side works but I have to say, the third book, “Inside the Other Side” is hands down my favorite book about the Other Side and a Mediums perspective and point of view on that. It opened my eyes and truly changed my life. Knowing how things work on the Other Side, how our past lives affect the current life we are living, learning about Soul Contracts and what goes in to us coming to this side of the veil has just changed my perspective on life and how I want to live my life going forward. Going through this loss, this young none the less, has been hell and just absolutely heartbreaking, soul crushing and gut wrenching. But… This book in particular gave me a lot of hope and a better understanding of what actually happens when we pass. These books were seriously such a blessing to me and I hope they can be a blessing in others lives by sharing my experiences with you all! Click here to get a copy of “Inside the Other Side” by Concetta Bertoldi on Amazon for quick shipping!

One last thing before I let y’all get back to your busy week! Back this past Summer, my sweet baby girl Khloe started to get sick and pretty badly too. I finally called her vet and got her in for an emergency appointment. We went and she suspected an inner ear infection and sent us home with antibiotics but said if things got worse, to call and she would send an emergency neurology consult referral. The very next day we noticed another very alarming symptom appear and I called her vet immediately. She sent the referral over and we got in less than a week later to see the neurologist. They suspected it really was just an inner ear infection and so we then had to figure out how to get the medicine successfully down her since this required a two month round of antibiotics. The Greenie pill pockets have become my lifesaver and I’m not even joking.. Plus if your babies have a sensitive tummy, don’t worry one bit because Khloe was super sick as a puppy when we got her due to the foster home she was in. Her tummy really went through it all those years ago and it’s stuck with her so I’ve had to be really careful with her and what goes in her mouth and since I basically need to buy Amazon out of their Greenie pill pockets that’s why I love their Subscribe&Save. I can have them auto-shipped, pause/cancel anytime plus save extra with the Subscribe&Save on top of Amazon’s already amazing prices! You can head over here to snag some for your babies!

Back to my whole point in telling you all about Khloe’s health scare, a few years ago I got the Furbo Dog Camera and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been worried sick about her and leaving the house and her being alone for long periods of time scares the daylights out of me. That is exactly why I’m so happy I had this baby I could pull out and set up downstairs! I have a live video and audio stream of her, I can press a button on the screen in the app to talk to her and throw treats to her too. It even notifies me when she barks!!! All done from their app on your phone! You can click here to get yours through Amazon, you’ll have so much peace of mind being able to watch your baby live on camera and with audio, to make sure they’re okay💗💗

Talk soon…

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