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taking some time for much much needed soul work

I will also still be on IG as much as possible, sharing what’s going on in my life! Becoming more grounded and connected to my soul is something that is at the top of my list. Let me do a little explaining! I found out late in 2021 that there is something a little different about me. Not bad different. Actually a good different! I…

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October Blog Posts

Our Christmas Toffee

When my Mom first started making this when I was young, she would always make I’d say around 3-5 batches every single year. Some would be for the house and for family around the holidays but she would also make extra for all of my teachers. She’d package them all cute in Christmas metal tins, small little paper takeout boxes with handles or cellophane with…

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Ways to start your New Year right!

My first adjustment.. It may seem like a big change and scary to some. It very well may be if you look at it like an all or nothing type situation. But over the years since being diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve found alternatives that are great and I can still enjoy some things without completely cutting everything out of my daily diet. Stick with me…

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Hello and welcome!! Thanks for joining me here! I hope that you can find some helpful things in here along the way with me. I have lots in my blog posts that are up so far, feel free to check those out for some great suggestions and tips plus a few discount codes😉

Meet Lauren

Hi everyone! 
My name is Lauren Pierce and I came in to this world October 26th of 95’. I am covered in tattoos and piercings and was born and raised in the Dallas, Texas area. I still currently reside in the North Dallas area with my blue pitbull boxer mix, Khloe and am an unmarried widow after losing the love of my life, my significant other..

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself”

– s. mcnutt