Daily and weekly routines… Let’s talk about ’em!!

Hi my loves!

I hope everyone has had a good week so far. Thank god its almost Friday!! Weekends are still currently what I look forward to the most as I am working my daytime job until further notice.. I am doing UberDriver so I do get to make my own schedule which is very nice given all of my doctor appointments but my hours are nuts and weekends are usually quieter and slower for me, thank goodness!

You know, this year has already been filled with so many new things and the start of beautiful new beginnings, which has been such a positive change for me and such a breath of fresh air! However, there are still some things I want to put more effort and focus on. We all may not need to work on improving the same specific things in our lives but some of you may very well feel like you can relate in the things I want to work and focus on improving in my life. Me personally, I have struggled with anxiety and depression as well as panic attacks for quite some time now and dealing with all of that, my sleep you could say is a little bit fucked up. Grieving the loss of the love of my life also doesn’t do me any favors there. Oh and like I said, I do Uber and my specific hours are almost always early ass mornings. I end up staying up late, get done early morning and then come home and go right back to sleep. After I sleep half my day away, all I want to do before going back to sleep for bed is stare at the tv though… And lately that is what I’ve been doing.

Sticking to a routine has always been super hard for me but I really want to start getting better at having a routine not only at night but weekly and monthly routines as well (i’ve been working with my therapist the last week on getting a nice routine set up for me and making sure I’m doing a variety of things every single day)!

Things like turning my tv and phone off, just sitting and meditating a bit before bed. I think that would be good for my soul and honestly just my mental well being! One app I find helpful, is the H*nest Meditation app! Forewarning, if you don’t have a potty mouth like I do, then you may not like this particular meditation app🤣🤣
Consistent face washing at night. Let’s be honest… I’ve never really been one to wash my face a lot which is something I’ve been working on but one thing for us girls to do before washing our face, is taking our makeup off. Fun fact! Makeup wipes just wipe the makeup deeper into your skin and pores and doesn’t get all the makeup off of your face. Have you ever heard of The Original Makeup Eraser? They are literally the best invention ever and something I will forever have and use! My esthetician posted a video on her business facebook page a while back, showing the difference in using a makeup wipe and The Original Makeup Eraser on an orange, which closely resembles human pores. It was completely shocking!! Traditional makeup wipes push the makeup further in🤢😳🤯 I’ll show y’all a video below demonstrating makeup on an orange and using The Makeup Eraser on one side and a makeup wipe on the other so you can see! Ever since then, that is the only thing I will use to take my makeup off. And for me, scrubbing off my eye makeup, specifically mascara, with makeup wipes, would really irritate my eyes. They would hurt and get very red and I’m sure I’m not the only one that has happened to! I cant be. And let me tell you.. The Makeup Eraser does not bother my eyes at all! Plus all you have to do is get it wet to wipe all your makeup off your face. You can reuse it (I usually use mine in all areas until there aren’t any clean spots on it) and then all you do is pop it in the wash with your laundry and it’s clean again!! They last for about 3-5 years too! On top of it being absolutely great for your skincare health, the company is 100% Vegan, Environmentally Friendly, Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Approved✓, plus they are EU Approved too! What more could you ask for?!! If you are new to The Original Makeup Eraser, they have a HUGE variety of makeup eraser options from plain colors, to Disney Princesses, a Nickelodeon set, a Disney Villain set, a neutral color, plus so many more fun prints! You can use my discount code MUE10 on their website for 10% off your entire order! Head to their website here and get to exploring all their amazing Makeup Erasers! If you want to see my Stories all about The Makeup Erasers, you can head over to my Instagram beauty highlights to check them out!!
Oh and for all my Dallas locals, I almost forgot to refer you to my god given angel of an Esthetician that I mentioned a minute ago and who I’ve known for almost 10 years now. I go for a Brazilian every 6 weeks and once she ends up retiring down the line, I have no idea what I will do because she is the best Esthetician EVER! I love her so so very much. If you feel like supporting a local small business who dedicates her life and work to her clients and who is the sweetest person alive, go check out her website to book with her! Heads up, she is very very busy and books out very quickly so plan ahead! I promise, you will not regret going to see her, not only for waxes but her facials and newer medical skincare procedures! Plus the skincare products she sells in her cute little shop across the all are just top of the line and she has so many more good products to choose from over there! Her name is Lindsey Przano and her business is Triple Threat Beauty. For booking with her, feel free to check out her website here. You can include a note or let her know Lauren Pierce referred you😉

One other thing I want to start doing every night is being present and remembering to tell Tyler goodnight and that I love him. You know, the books by Concetta Bertoldi saved me last year through this grief. Knowing he is still here, just in a different form and can still see, hear and know everything, makes all the difference in the grief and healing process. Knowing I can still talk to him and he hears every single thing I say to him is just so comforting to know and makes my heart a little less broken. I tend to have squirrel brain over here though so thats my problem with forgetting and not remembering every night. I’ll link a few of my favv Concetta Bertoldi books below for any new readers who haven’t read prior posts and I promise, you won’t regret getting any of her books!! Here soon I will 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 have my LIKEtoKNOW.it all set up so that you can shop all my must haves easy in one spot!! Hopefully my ideas to improve my routines can help you with some routine ideas if you are struggling with that too!

Do Dead People Watch You Shower? by Concetta Bertoldi

Inside the Other Side by Concetta Bertoldi

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