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  • Grief emotions creeping in, upcoming things in our life here and on the blog!

    It was such a special moment to hear that from her after he had passed. Having these special bonds with him just makes it that much more difficult around the holidays. Let me tell y’all… The grief around the holidays is real and

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  • A little more about the long list of health struggles I face

    I was curled up screaming in so much pain on the phone with my parents who almost had to come get me and take me to the ER. I was able to get through the pain without going to the hospital but the severity of the pain and the amount of time I was in…

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  • Social expectations surrounding Widowhood & Grief

    On the topic of every grief journey being different, everybody experiencing grief differently and the most common responses, something I found that I love was that “You cant dictate how a person feels”. This is a great statement for anybody grieving. I think so many people expect grief to be a one size fits all…

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  • Let’s chat about grief and some of the emotions & hurdles we face as a widow

    Let’s chat about grief and some of the emotions & hurdles we face as a widow

    It’s okay that there are things we’ve gone through that have changed us. There also may be some things you carry with you, there are definitely things I’ve carried with me along this new journey. Adjusting to this new life is hard and a work in progress, you just have to make sure that you…

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  • Real talk – Raw discussion on the ups and downs of Widowhood and my health

    Even though they do look totally and completely different, sadder than usual, lacking all of my loves sweet laughter and leaving an unimaginable void that can’t be filled at those special times, I have to find some joy in the things that used to bring so much light to my life. The grief will be…

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  • My Top 5 Dallas Halloween Activities

    My Top 5 Dallas Halloween Activities

    I hope everyone had a good weekend but whose ready for my top 5 Dallas Halloween activities?!! I absolutely love fall, the holidays and anything pumpkins!! I shared what our front porch looks like all finished last night on my Instagram so feel free to go get some inspiration there..

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  • Widowhood, the club everybody avoids talking about..

    Unless you experience it, you have no idea how we are feeling and the extent of our grief, you don’t know how to approach the person or what to say since it is such a sensitive subject and time. Which makes the grieving and adjusting to our new life in Widowhood that much harder. You…

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  • 5 Self Care Tips for Fall!

    5 Self Care Tips for Fall!

    Self care is so so important, especially for us grieving widows and I’ve realized recently with the help of my god given therapist, that I matter. My feelings matter. I am my priority and I have to do what is best for my mental and physical well being. Which has brought me to so much…

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  • Grieving over the holidays, especially the firsts…

    A lot of my knowledge about this came with the unfortunate “time” and a specific book. Another saving grace! I seriously encourage any widow, married or unmarried, to get this book I am about to tell you about. It has helped me so so much already and I haven’t even completely finished it!

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