• taking some time for much much needed soul work
    I will also still be on IG as much as possible, sharing what’s going on in my life! Becoming more grounded and connected to my soul is something that is at the top of my list. Let me do a little explaining! I found out late in 2021 that there is something a little different about me. Not bad different. Actually a good different! I think I always knew but never knew what it was.
  • Grief emotions creeping in, upcoming things in our life here and on the blog!
    It was such a special moment to hear that from her after he had passed. Having these special bonds with him just makes it that much more difficult around the holidays. Let me tell y’all… The grief around the holidays is real and
  • Our Christmas Toffee
    When my Mom first started making this when I was young, she would always make I’d say around 3-5 batches every single year. Some would be for the house and for family around the holidays but she would also make extra for all of my teachers. She’d package them all cute in Christmas metal tins, small little paper takeout boxes with handles or cellophane with twist ties. Something they very much appreciated
  • Ways to start your New Year right!
    My first adjustment.. It may seem like a big change and scary to some. It very well may be if you look at it like an all or nothing type situation. But over the years since being diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve found alternatives that are great and I can still enjoy some things without completely cutting everything out of my daily diet. Stick with me because you’ll find some great sugar-free finds in this section ahead!
  • My last post of 2022 but so much to come for 2023!
    Unfortunately I have decided that today will be my last blog post of 2022. Now let me explain.. I will actually be out of Texas for a good majority of the month due to Christmas and my nieces 5th birthday which is in exactly two weeks. I have so much packing to worry about here. My short flight to
  • A little more about the long list of health struggles I face
    I was curled up screaming in so much pain on the phone with my parents who almost had to come get me and take me to the ER. I was able to get through the pain without going to the hospital but the severity of the pain and the amount of time I was in that excruciating pain for just completely wore my body out. I felt like I had been hit by an 18-wheeler and ended up having to
  • Surprise Post! Rushing to finish getting ready for Thanksgiving with the fam!
    Anyways, I’ve had so much to do to get ready for my family coming in tomorrow and now I have the rest of my to do list minus an arm🤣🤣😅 Plus on top of that, these Texas allergies are no joke for me this year.
  • The best way to prepare early for Black Friday & Cyber Monday
    I’ll be putting Target on my list for next Friday although I know it is going to be a mad house in there. I can’t wait for Target to drop their Black Friday deals so that I can see what I have to look forward to! I did happen to see that they have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in an exclusive color that will be $200 off tomorrow🤯🤯
  • Mine & Khloe’s first ever Animal Communication session!!
    Our session with Alex was so enlightening and I am so glad that I did this and will forever be grateful to Alex for connecting me closer to Khloe. We will definitely be scheduling more sessions over the next few years but now, time to tell y’all all about our first session!! Within 20 seconds of starting our Zoom, Khloe started popping in, saying things! It was so crazy!
  • The BEST Holiday Corn
    This holiday corn recipe is quite easy and quick which is a great addition to all of the complex and long recipes that come along with Thanksgiving! I especially love it because I am not the best cook so this is something that I can do, no problem! My holiday corn recipe that is below, you are more than welcome to double
  • 12 little things I find joy in over the holidays as an unmarried widow
  • Social expectations surrounding Widowhood & Grief
    On the topic of every grief journey being different, everybody experiencing grief differently and the most common responses, something I found that I love was that “You cant dictate how a person feels”. This is a great statement for anybody grieving. I think so many people expect grief to be a one size fits all experience which I think
  • Let’s chat about grief and some of the emotions & hurdles we face as a widow
    It’s okay that there are things we’ve gone through that have changed us. There also may be some things you carry with you, there are definitely things I’ve carried with me along this new journey. Adjusting to this new life is hard and a work in progress, you just have to make sure that you are grieving and working through things in a healthy way
  • It’s never too early for holiday shopping talk! 5 decorating & stocking stuffer tips for the upcoming Christmas season!
    I know there are some people out there that wait until the very last minute to do their holiday shopping but I also know there are lots that are like me, who plan ahead and start their Christmas shopping early. Y’all may think I’m crazy for diving on into this two days into November but its never too early to prepare so
  • Cookies and Cream Cheese Football
    As promised!! I could easily eat my weight in this stuff and I’m so glad my mom came across this recipe a while ago, although the number on the scale probably isn’t too happy🤣🤣 I’m going to get right to it!
  • Real talk – Raw discussion on the ups and downs of Widowhood and my health
    Even though they do look totally and completely different, sadder than usual, lacking all of my loves sweet laughter and leaving an unimaginable void that can’t be filled at those special times, I have to find some joy in the things that used to bring so much light to my life. The grief will be here forever but so will these holidays too. You just have to
  • It’s my Birthday!! More of my fav Dallas spots inside plus things to stay tuned for!
    So yesterday I decided on finally getting a dessert and I went to the only place I’ve gotten cakes ever since the end of high school. One thing you should know about me is I’m a big big planner with everything (holidays, presents, birthdays, all the stuff!), which means that I usually have my own plans and ideas for my birthday cake and most of the time, my presents too🙈 For all my Dallas locals, if you don’t mind a short drive,
  • Taking a few personal days.. Be back on my Birthday next week?!
  • My Top 5 Dallas Halloween Activities
    I hope everyone had a good weekend but whose ready for my top 5 Dallas Halloween activities?!! I absolutely love fall, the holidays and anything pumpkins!! I shared what our front porch looks like all finished last night on my Instagram so feel free to go get some inspiration there..
  • Widowhood, the club everybody avoids talking about..
    Unless you experience it, you have no idea how we are feeling and the extent of our grief, you don’t know how to approach the person or what to say since it is such a sensitive subject and time. Which makes the grieving and adjusting to our new life in Widowhood that much harder. You feel alone. Nobody gets it, the comments people make to you..
  • 5 Self Care Tips for Fall!
    Self care is so so important, especially for us grieving widows and I’ve realized recently with the help of my god given therapist, that I matter. My feelings matter. I am my priority and I have to do what is best for my mental and physical well being. Which has brought me to so much more self care work and…
  • Grieving over the holidays, especially the firsts…
    A lot of my knowledge about this came with the unfortunate “time” and a specific book. Another saving grace! I seriously encourage any widow, married or unmarried, to get this book I am about to tell you about. It has helped me so so much already and I haven’t even completely finished it!
  • Find out about some of my favorite Dallas spots!
    We were talking about things I could do that I would enjoy and she threw out the Farmers Market as a suggestion. Growing up, my parents and I used to go to the Dallas Farmers Market all the time and I loved it but hadn’t been back since I was a little girl! I still remember going and I think I even remember what the area looked like too! So I was like hey…
  • Daily and weekly routines… Let’s talk about ’em!!
    However, there are still some things I want to put more effort and focus on. We all may not need to work on improving the same specific things in our lives but some of you may very well feel like you can relate in the things I want to work and focus on improving in my life.
  • Life after loss, learning about the Other Side & upcoming plans to stay tuned for!
    But… This book in particular gave me a lot of hope and a better understanding of what actually happens when we pass. These books were seriously such a blessing to me and I hope they can be a blessing in others lives by sharing my experiences with you all! Click here to get a copy of…
  • A sneak peek into my new life, widowhood… and the books that saved me!
    I have learned and grown so much over the last year and a half and it would warm my heart if my experiences and tips, advice and suggested products could help you and change your life as well. Most importantly I want you all to know and feel like you are NOT alone in how you are feeling! I don’t plan on sticking just to widowhood and grief here; I want this to be a place for everyone…