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  • taking some time for much much needed soul work

    I will also still be on IG as much as possible, sharing what’s going on in my life! Becoming more grounded and connected to my soul is something that is at the top of my list. Let me do a little explaining! I found out late in 2021 that there is something a little different…

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  • Ways to start your New Year right!

    My first adjustment.. It may seem like a big change and scary to some. It very well may be if you look at it like an all or nothing type situation. But over the years since being diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve found alternatives that are great and I can still enjoy some things without completely…

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  • My last post of 2022 but so much to come for 2023!

    Unfortunately I have decided that today will be my last blog post of 2022. Now let me explain.. I will actually be out of Texas for a good majority of the month due to Christmas and my nieces 5th birthday which is in exactly two weeks. I have so much packing to worry about here.…

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  • Real talk – Raw discussion on the ups and downs of Widowhood and my health

    Even though they do look totally and completely different, sadder than usual, lacking all of my loves sweet laughter and leaving an unimaginable void that can’t be filled at those special times, I have to find some joy in the things that used to bring so much light to my life. The grief will be…

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  • 5 Self Care Tips for Fall!

    5 Self Care Tips for Fall!

    Self care is so so important, especially for us grieving widows and I’ve realized recently with the help of my god given therapist, that I matter. My feelings matter. I am my priority and I have to do what is best for my mental and physical well being. Which has brought me to so much…

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  • Find out about some of my favorite Dallas spots!

    Find out about some of my favorite Dallas spots!

    We were talking about things I could do that I would enjoy and she threw out the Farmers Market as a suggestion. Growing up, my parents and I used to go to the Dallas Farmers Market all the time and I loved it but hadn’t been back since I was a little girl! I still…

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  • Daily and weekly routines… Let’s talk about ’em!!

    However, there are still some things I want to put more effort and focus on. We all may not need to work on improving the same specific things in our lives but some of you may very well feel like you can relate in the things I want to work and focus on improving in…

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