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  • Our Christmas Toffee

    Our Christmas Toffee

    When my Mom first started making this when I was young, she would always make I’d say around 3-5 batches every single year. Some would be for the house and for family around the holidays but she would also make extra for all of my teachers. She’d package them all cute in Christmas metal tins,…

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  • The BEST Holiday Corn

    The BEST Holiday Corn

    This holiday corn recipe is quite easy and quick which is a great addition to all of the complex and long recipes that come along with Thanksgiving! I especially love it because I am not the best cook so this is something that I can do, no problem! My holiday corn recipe that is below,…

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  • Cookies and Cream Cheese Football

    Cookies and Cream Cheese Football

    As promised!! I could easily eat my weight in this stuff and I’m so glad my mom came across this recipe a while ago, although the number on the scale probably isn’t too happy🤣🤣 I’m going to get right to it!

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