Ways to start your New Year right!

Hi my loves, Happy New Year!! It’s 2023!

You know, everybody is always so eager to start all of these New Years resolutions, am I right??! That may be all great at first but it eventually fizzles out and then we’re all left with these same old (and bad) habits..

My goal this year is to ease slowly into changes so that I don’t get burnt out too fast and fall flat on my face! Maybe some of you would also like to try this out with me?

Let me know in the comments who all thinks this is a great idea too and wants to join me!

Here are a few things I will slowly be incorporating into my routine this New Years:

Cutting SUGAR!! 

My first adjustment.. It may seem like a big change and scary to some. It very well may be if you look at it like an all or nothing type situation. But over the years since being diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve found alternatives that are great and I can still enjoy some things without completely cutting everything out of my daily diet. Stick with me because you’ll find some great sugar-free finds in this section ahead!

One of my staples in the house is Coke Zero and Sprite Zero – I’m not a big soda drinker on the regular but if I get an upset stomach or a migraine, I love being able to have my Coke and Sprite options which are Zero Sugar and Zero Calories!! Easily available to get at your local grocery store!

Another one of my sugar-free find you can snag at your local grocery stores is the Ice Breakers sugar-free gum! Who knew?! I really had no idea of all these wonderful sugar-free options until I really started learning more about having PCOS. They have so many great flavors to choose from and once again, Zero Sugar!!

Do I have any Gatorade fans reading? A few years ago I found the Gatorade Zero and it is honestly the same as regular gatorade in my opinion just Zero Sugar and only 10 calories per 20oz bottle! I love it and until I got my new water bottle a few months ago, it was the only thing I’d really drink to stay hydrated. I will say I do have a hard time finding my flavor sometimes (Cool Blue) but your local grocery stores will usually have several colors of the Gatorade Zero in stock. I always get the 6 packs of the 20oz bottles to stock up the fridge!

More H2O!

This is a hard one for me.. In Kindergarten I started having kidney issues and went on this whole regimen which included probably about 4-6 water bottles a day. It made me absolutely hate plain water from a young age but a few months ago I remembered that I am able to stomach drinking lots of water if I use a CamelBak water bottle. 

I couldn’t find my old one so I got this new one on Amazon & I’m obsessed with it y’al! For one, I don’t have to waste a million water bottles every week because I can just fill this thing up with ice and water. This time I ended up getting the CamelBak eddy+ Stainless Insulated Water Bottle which you can check out here!! They have several size options and a handful of colors to choose from but personally I got the 32oz option so I don’t have to refill it as often. The best part is that it keeps my ice cold so all I have to do is refill it with water throughout the day!

Unconventional but… Organization – Staying organized!

My problem isn’t the actual task of organizing and finding places for all the things, that I’m actually a pro at and enjoy doing very much!! It’s the staying organized and keeping things where they are, with my current living situation. It’s just such an adjustment from having my own places from a house to apartments. I pretty much have the entire upstairs at my parents but that doesn’t compare to having your own place, having storage and cabinet space. Technically my room is the media room which means I don’t have a closet but it was the only other option besides having a very tiny room. Beggars cant be choosers! 

Over the last few days I’ve managed to clear out some spaces to make room for my mini at home pharmacy. I really wish that was a joke or just a figure of speech but its not. I swear if you need anything, I’ve got it just come on by 🤣🤣 Maybe I’ll get the courage to post a picture on my Instagram or here on the blog of my whole medicine cabinet I’ll be getting organized the beginning of this week. If I’m being completely honest, putting all of that out there and showing the public what goes on behind closed doors for me medically is very scary and quite embarrassing actually. 

On the off chance that there are some people in similar situations looking for tips, products, suggestions or even just commonality, leave a comment if you’d like me to do a post all about my at home medicine cabinet. I’d be more than happy to chat all about that and share my new organization products that will be coming in tomorrow and Tuesday! Your girl loves her Amazon!

My BIGGEST change of all starting in 2023!

Tomorrow is never promised… And with that I’ve decided that there is no time like the present to start checking things off my bucket list!! I mean why wait?!! We don’t know how much longer we have left so instead of making these lists and just staring at them, let’s get out there and make our bucket list dreams come true, now!

Oh and you can head over to my IG to check out these New Years nails! I have a nail insp highlight which you all are free to screenshot to show your nail tech!! My sweet nail tech Lena told me yesterday I’m her coookie, to try all these designs on☺️ We always have fun now so maybe you’ll find some inspiration you love!

Again, Happy New Year!!

Talk soon,

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