My last post of 2022 but so much to come for 2023!

Happy Humpday!

I really can’t believe tomorrow is December 1st! Unfortunately I have decided that today will be my last blog post of 2022. Now let me explain.. 

I will actually be out of Texas for a good majority of the month due to Christmas and my nieces 5th birthday which is in exactly two weeks. I have so much packing to worry about here. My short flight to GA for my nieces birthday will be a piece of cake but when I get back I have to turn around and get Khloe and I all packed and ready for our family road-trip to Georgia for Christmas. 

Besides that, I’m now on the hunt for a one bedroom one bath apartment for me and Khloe to move into as soon as possible. As much as I love sharing with y’all, there will of course be some things I would like to keep private, this being one of them. Although I’d prefer to not go into the why behind moving I will say that I am blessed beyond measure to have the parents that I have. My health has always been a struggle, especially with keeping and holding a job like every other “normal” American but my parents have agreed to help out a bit so that I can have my own place again. It’s hard with my health  most of the time to be able to work enough to afford my own place and the large amount of medical bills I always have but having the parents I do is a true blessing and I honestly don’t know where I would be without them. On top of all of the holidays and traveling, I now have to hunt for a decent priced apartment!

The last part of it is I want a freshness to Widowish in Dallas come 2023.. With that comes a lot of planning on my part. I’ve already got a plan for the Recipes section but I’d really like to focus on working on my plans for blog posts for the upcoming year. I want nothing more than this blog to help others and my goal for 2023 is to have a whole monthly schedule for y’all to look forward to. With the holidays and all of my traveling keeping me busy this coming month, I want to have the time to focus on everything for next year for y’all!

Now I’m off to finally go get my hair cut and colored after years of not touching it! I’ll post the finished product on Instagram of course

See you New Years Day!

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