Surprise Post! Rushing to finish getting ready for Thanksgiving with the fam!

Hi everyone!

I decided to do a spur of the moment post tonight instead of my usual Wednesday post because we have family coming into town tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday and they are actually getting in earlier than we expected!

It still feels like I have so much to do before they get here and as my luck would have it… After not having any issues with my rotator cuff injury from 2019 since I had to go back for another session of Shockwave Therapy in January 2021, I slept on it wrong two nights ago and have been in excruciating pain day and night. I’m unable to lift jugs out of the fridge or carry most grocery bags at the moment. I can’t move my whole right arm certain ways again and am now back in my hideous shoulder brace until I go in for another Shockwave session next Thursday😖😖 Let me tell you… That shit is no fucking joke and ain’t for the weak either! Mind you I have close to 15 tattoos now, some of those being large ones and all of those combined doesn’t compare to a single session of Shockwave Therapy. Now this is my description of Shockwave therapy because I wasn’t able to find a good explanation online that included everything. Basically it is a handheld machine that has this metal type ball on the end. When they turn it on, this metal tip is what sends the shockwaves but it is hitting you so incredibly hard for 10-15 minutes straight. The way my Doctor told me, is that is bruises you so bad to where it bleeds and creates that blood flow which is not really possible in a place like the rotator cuff. Which is why this is a good option to get that blood flow going in that kind of area. This is only the second time I’m going in for a follow up session in the two years following my initial sessions so I guess that’s good but I’m so dreading this appointment next week even though it will help the excruciating pain I’m in now.. I have to go through more excruciating pain to get through this excruciating pain! Such a catch 22!

Anyways, I’ve had so much to do to get ready for my family coming in tomorrow and now I have the rest of my to do list minus an arm🤣🤣😅 Plus on top of that, these Texas allergies are no joke for me this year. I’ve been sick for months and finally went back to the my Doctor on Monday. Got a steroid shot in the butt, a week tapered pill steroid pack, NyQuil 3x a day and NyQuil at night, Flonase and my eye drops for my poor ole’ eyes😭

I’m working on trying to feel better but I’ve also just had so much to do with these holidays coming!! I hope everyone is almost ready for Thanksgiving and are getting last minute shopping and preparing done! I’m so ready for the holidays even though my health is on a downhill slope at the moment. My plan for tonight is… Take an unhealthy amount of NyQuil, get a good nights sleep and then wake up bright and early to get my last bit of cleaning and picking up done before the fam gets here!! I’ll still be active on Instagram over the holidays this week sharing all of the amazing Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as well as all the family time ahead!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and the time you spend with your family this year, I know I sure will!

With love,

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