The best way to prepare early for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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I seriously can’t believe Thanksgiving is only 5 days away now which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner!! You know what that means?! Time to get my shopping list all ready! Here in a little bit, I plan to work on my list of places to stop by next Friday along with a list of anything else on my Christmas shopping list. We have some family coming into town on Wednesday so I’ve been swamped with getting the entire upstairs ready for our company. Your probably wondering why I have so much to do… Long story short, over the many years since high school I’ve had a two story house and multiple apartments but have ended up back at my parents a few times. Usually due to my health and then after Tyler passed was a no brainer. Having had a whole ass house and multiple apartments, I have a lot of shit🤣🤣 I’ve tried to downsize as much as I could but I still have so much and not a lot of space for storage. I do have the biggest room upstairs but the downside is I don’t have a closet in my room. Anyways.. Our guest rooms upstairs were filled with most of my stuff and I gathered so much for a Goodwill run which I’m finally getting all boxed and bagged up ready to go for early this coming week. I can’t believe how much I am taking to Goodwill and it feels nice to be donating all of this around the holidays! I’ll post on my Instagram story how big of a haul this is once it’s all loaded in my car!

On to Black Friday and Cyber Monday prep!! As I mentioned, I think the best way to do this is to sit down and make a shopping list of things you need to get. Christmas gifts, stockings, white elephant gifts and ornament exchange gifts. Any and all the things you’ll need for the upcoming holidays! Even a list of the places you need to stop by so that you don’t forget anything and get sidetracked. The way I look at it is… I’m going to need all of this within the next month so why not buy now and save all this money. It’s going to be purchased one way or another so I may as well save money if I can! I’m all about savings considering I’m kinda a shopaholic🤣 So you’ve come to the right place for gift and shopping tips or ideas, I have plenty to go around and love sharing all my finds!

Amazon is like my bestest friend and I know that during their Black Friday Event, they will have surprise deals dropping every 30 minutes during select periods of the event so hit the follow button on my Instagram that way you can stay tuned for all those amazing deal drops I’ll be posting about! Quite a few of my stocking stuffers I end up getting on Amazon, one because they literally have everything on there and two because it’s quick, easy and painless. You can check out my It’s never too early for holiday shopping talk! 5 decorating and stocking stuffer tips for the upcoming Christmas season! blog post for some of my favorite and pretty great stocking stuffer ideas! 

Besides some of those Amazon items still being on my list to get, over the next week I have to think of an under the tree gift idea for my Dad so that I can get a good deal on whatever I decide. Something else I’m on a mission for on Black Friday is birthday and Christmas presents for my niece!! Aunt LoLo spoils her rotttten and being a Christmastime baby makes it so much more fun for me, I end up going all out for her!

Let’s talk Target – I feel like Target is the spot for all things kids! I don’t have any myself but I do know they can get quite expensive so Black Friday savings are a must! I’m still on the hunt for a few more birthday and Christmas presents for my niece and I figured Target on Black Friday would be the perfect place to go! I’ll be putting Target on my list for next Friday although I know it is going to be a mad house in there. I can’t wait for Target to drop their Black Friday deals so that I can see what I have to look forward to! I did happen to see that they have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in an exclusive color that will be $200 off tomorrow🤯🤯 They call it an Ice Blue color but to me it’s kind of like a mint color and I think it’s gorgeous but I already have my bright hot pink one that I got about 7 years ago. I will link it here in case y’all want to jump in on the savings tomorrow. I mean if you are needing a new stand mixer or planned to give it as a gift this year, tomorrow is the perfect time!

The last but most important thing on my list is miss Khloe’s Christmas box under the tree!!! I already have a few things in there and one idea in my Amazon cart but it is nowhere near full and I’ve never done a Christmas stocking or gift for her so I’m struggling on things to fill her box with! She is an old girl and will be 10 in April but after our animal communication session with Alex last week, I’ve been on a mission to make her last Christmases with me, the absolute best! I’ve had her for those almost 10 years now and over those years, we haven’t been able to give her treats due to health issues she got in the foster home right before I got her. I did find with her health scare recently that she can tolerate the Greenie Pill Pockets and loves them so I’ve already added that to her Christmas box. She’s also had so many toys over the years that have ended up shredded and in the trash but she has one toy we’ve had for half her life that she will not for the life of her destroy. I’ve learned to not throw my money out the window in getting her new toys that will be destroyed within the hour. Which is why I’m having such a hard time filling her box so if any of you have good ideas for an older dog, shoot them my way!! You can leave a comment below or my DM’s are always open! Start getting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday list ready, you’ll thank me later!! I’ve included my list below😉

My Black Friday/Cyber Monday Store & Shopping List
Target (possibly some presents for my nieces birthday and Christmas)
Victoria’s Secret (ladies – now is probably the time for savings on their period panties, thats my life now thanks to PCOS)
& of course Amazon! Here’s my Amazon list for next weeks deals, hoping I can save some money!
My Fairy Gardens Fairy Light Garden ages 4+
Adjustable Silicone Pie Crust Shield 2-pack
Kurt Alder Pink Flamingo in Santa Hat and Feathers Christmas Ornament (I’m doing ornaments for part of my nieces birthday present and I think I’m going to go with this ornament too)
Christmas Dog Collar with Bow (since red is Khloe’s favorite color, I’m going with the “Red Stripe” which is like a red and black plaid with snowflakes!)

As always, talk soon…

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