Mine & Khloe’s first ever Animal Communication session!!

Hi loves! Who else is ready for these holidays to begin?! I thought today before all of the crazy holiday madness starts, I would talk to y’all about an experience I recently had just last week. Miss Khloe over here has had this mama worried sick!! She started getting sick late this summer and I haven’t had any peace of mind until last Friday. Before my birthday, I came across an Animal Communicator on TikTok and of course believed in it (and her) given that I am all about and believe in the other side and mediums. I jumped at scheduling a session with Alex Andersen and didn’t hesitate one bit!! Khloe’s my baby, we’ve pretty much grown up together.. I’ve had her since I was in high school and after losing her daddy last year who she loved dearly, I’ve been stressed beyond belief with her being sick. I would do absolutely anything for her, this being something I should have started doing A LONG TIME AGO!

You can find Alex on TikTok and Instagram @pettalkwithalex where she has some great content!! If you feel compelled to schedule a session with her after reading my blog post, you can go to her linktr.ee right here to schedule a session. There are scammers out there so she does have posted on her social media that this linktr.ee I have linked above is the only place you can schedule sessions or courses with her and the same goes for the TikTok and IG handle I mentioned!!

Our session with Alex was so enlightening and I am so glad that I did this and will forever be grateful to Alex for connecting me closer to Khloe. We will definitely be scheduling more sessions over the next few years but now, time to tell y’all all about our first session!!

Within 20 seconds of starting our Zoom, Khloe started popping in, saying things! It was so crazy! I immediately started talking about how she is so smart and how we can’t say certain words if we’re not ready for whatever we’re talking about because she understands. The first thing she said in our session was that Khloe knows how to spell certain words. Khloe said “I spell words too! But if my mom doesn’t know, don’t tell her!” I was like “Oh we know!!”. Over the last year or so, I’ve noticed that we’ve had to start not spelling words anymore because she would catch on and get excited. I started getting the feeling she could spell now hahaha which is why I wasn’t shocked when Alex said that!

We then started talking about mine and Khloe’s health and I was telling her how she had an inner ear infection and that was basically all I had said about her ear.  Alex goes “Was most of it in her right ear?”, I said it was and she said “She’s showing me the right one, she’s like flapping it in my space like “It’s this one!!”” Literally right after this, Alex says to me and I shit you not, “Khloe says that if we’re here to talk about her end of life preparation, she’s not ready to do that but if it’s more cost effective for you to do it right now instead of paying again for it later, we can do it.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I swear if I hadn’t been laying in bed with Khloe, I would have fallen out of my chair from laughing so hard!!

Now this next little part is another one of my favorites from our session! Really the whole entire hour was my favorite, let’s be honest. I had told Alex that we’ve noticed Khloe likes to sleep alone as she’s gotten older (hoping she would say something about not sleeping with me much anymore) and Alex goes “She says she doesn’t have the patience for people moving that she used to.”. Which makes total sense because I move around a lot in my sleep and then Khloe ends up going downstairs to lay on the couch. She used to go downstairs and get in my parents bed but like I said, as she’s gotten older, things have changed. So now she goes downstairs and sleeps on the couch for the rest of the night like a little old lady. After she said that to Alex, I said, would she like it if I got her like an orthopedic bed? That’s something I have been thinking on for a while just given that she is getting older and will be 10 next year. Immediately, Alex says “She would love it!! But she says that when you do get the bed can you also please make sure she has a blanket.. She wants a blanket and I’m seeing something kind of like sherpa material.” I happened to have a sherpa blanket on the bed with me (out of view of the camera) so I pointed the camera down and said, does she want this one?? She goes, “Yes! Yes thats exactly the material I’m seeing.”. I said I mean I have plenty of different options… and she said “That kind is her favorite and she says she wouldn’t mind having her own special one, so it doesn’t have to be yours. She says if you do want to get her a new one for like Christmas, she would like a red one! She really likes red! She says maybe you could get her like a fun Christmas collar or something this year. I’m seeing like a bow or something, like a Christmas bow. But she only wants to wear it on the special holidays because she doesn’t really like wearing collars but she thinks it would be fun to have that just to like get festive. She wants themed everything! She loves it, she’s all about it!!” Just like her mama☺️🥰 All of that by the way totally sounds like my girl. She isn’t one for collars and never really has been and I could see how she’d want to be festive for the holidays like her mama but then get out of all the fuss! Look at this sweet girl sleeping on her new Orthopedic Memory Foam bed mama got her!
Later on, I asked if there were certain things Khloe likes to do that she would like to do more often and one thing Alex said was “She says that she really loves when you have movie time. That’s actually one of her favorites. Especially as she’s getting older.”.  When she said that, I asked Alex if Khloe watches and she said she listens!! Literally right after that, Alex asked me if I watched Harry Potter and I said that I actually do and had watched them all through about four times already. She said “Okay that’s so funny because she’s specifically bringing up Harry Potter and I’m like whaat?!!”. I said yeah at the beginning of this year I started binging Harry Potter and she goes “Oh my god that’s so funny, yeah she loves it, she like, the stories to her, like she loves the magic part of it. So those are some of her favorite series. I was like Harry Potter, specific.. But yeah she likes the magic!”

A few last ones before I let you get back to your busy week! We talked quite a bit about my parents because Khloe loves her gran and her grandpa and when we were on the topic, Khloe was talking to Alex about them and said “She says that you guys have similar hair..?”. I said yes we do, grandmas is way shorter than mine but yes and she said… “She likes grandmas hair a lot! She says that you have the same laugh, you two have the same laugh.”. I laughed pretty hard and said haha we do have the same laugh and that’s funny that she said that because everyone else says that about us too! Alex said, “Yeah she loves it, it’s like her favorite when the two of you are laughing together!”. Hearing these little things just melted my heart knowing she loves that and knows and loves the little things about her family💗

The whole entire hour, Khloe had me cracking up and I wouldn’t have had that full hour of laughter between Khloe and I if it weren’t for Alex Andersen. She was so nice and it gave me so much peace. I have been way less worried about Khloe since last Friday which is such a blessing and honestly priceless!! I wish I could include just about everything we talked about in the hour that we had but I would probably be able to write a few pages easily telling y’all all the things! But I will say that I do not regret it one bit! Even if you aren’t having health issues with your pet, it is a great opportunity to be able to talk to your pet and get some information you otherwise couldn’t get! I now know things that I can get for Khloe and do with her that she actually likes and enjoys, things that make her happy and her being happy, makes mama happy! If you’ve been thinking about scheduling an Animal Communication but were holding off, maybe this is your sign to schedule a session!! Alex was absolutely wonderful and truly amazing. I have linked her linktr.ee above if you would like to get on her schedule! You also get a copy of the audio recording afterwards which is just amazing because you talk about so much in just an hour and I love that I will always have that to go back and listen to if I want!!

Talk soon,

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