12 little things I find joy in over the holidays as an unmarried widow

Hi everyone! Whose already getting prepared for Thanksgiving?!

The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year but it’s hard to still enjoy the holidays exactly like I used to with Tyler not here physically anymore. I’ve had to adjust to my new norm as an unmarried widow during those times that are supposed to be full of laughter, memories and gratitude. I know I am not the only widow (young or old) that has a difficult time adjusting to this new life. Which is why I think talking more about grieving over the holidays is perfect because we can all use some advice and guidance navigating this new and unfamiliar journey forward. I figured a list of the little things that I find joy in during the holiday season would be perfect!! Maybe I can give you ideas to find the little things that bring you joy in your life during these times as well! I decided to do a list of 12 for like the 12 days of Christmas instead of just random 15! Don’t think it’s a coincidence that I decided that and for this post today, the 12th!!
#1 Decorating!
Literally any holiday is a reason for me to decorate but especially without a doubt, Christmas! Of course I get festive for the fall but Christmas is where it’s at and I keep my decorations up well over a month because just the sight of Christmas brings me joy!
#2 Christmas Stocking Shopping!!
Once again, any holiday is a reason for me to shop for gifts! Birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day but especially Christmas shopping!! I feel like I’m the best gift giver, I put so much thought into my gifts and the presentation of those gifts, I do this with all my gifts. My Christmas stocking game on the other hand is fire and I never ever disappoint on a stocking Christmas morning!!
#3 Snow
Even though we don’t get snow much here in Texas, when it does, I always have to go out in the snow! It’s like I’m still a little kid wanting to play in the snow! Last year I got some pretty good pictures, I’ll share them below if your in a snowy area and need some ideas!!
#4 Custom Christmas Music Playlist I love my custom Christmas music playlist I’ve made in my Apple Music and have it on repeat for months, no shame!! You can find my sharable playlist I’ve made on Spotify for y’all!
#5 Lots of Hot Chocolate!
Sweater weather calls for all the hot chocolate and that sweater weather just arrived yesterday! That means it’s hot chocolate season which makes my heart all warm and happy!! I enjoy those big mugs of hot cocoa for as long as I possibly can!
#6 Decorate a Gingerbread House
I’ve started to decorate a gingerbread house every Christmas the last few years which I think is so fun, for any age!! It’s something I’ll keep doing, especially since for the foreseeable future we will be going to Georgia for Christmas every year. My only focus is making sure my niece has the best Christmas possible every single year as she grows up and who doesn’t love decorating a gingerbread house?!! I just get the pre-made one at Target that they have every year and then I get a ton of decorating options, like you know the topping station at a yogurt shop? Like that!! An abundance of candy toppings and icing options!
#7 Christmas Lights Hunt!

Every year we take a drive going through all the big neighborhoods around town to look at Christmas lights. It’s one of my favorite things of the season and something I look forward to every year!!
#8 Toffee

Ever since I was young, my mom would make this toffee around the holidays. She would put together tins for all of my teachers every year. We still make it every year around the holidays and put together little baggies for some neighborhood friends and family close by or we make it if we are going to see family for the holidays too! I will share our toffee recipe sometime next year and will be getting my year of recipes all planned out soon! I will have tons of announcements on my Instagram for all upcoming recipes next year so hit the follow button to stay up to date with recipes and blog posts to come!
#9 Christmas Movies

Who doesn’t love Christmas movies?!! I always watch Elf every year and the Home Alone movies are some of my favorites. I found out last year that our YouTube TV that we have, has two Hallmark channels. They play Christmas movies all day long this time of year and even have Christmas in July where they play Christmas movies all day long too!!
#10 My Tiny Elf on the Shelf

So a few years ago I happened to find a teeny tiny Elf on the Shelf at Paper Source and I seriously love moving him around my room every year. I usually move him around all of my Christmas villages and currently he’s sitting on top of my Bistro!
#11 Christmas PJs

For me and Khloe!!! I could never have too many Christmas pjs! Currently I’m all cozied up in my Snoopy Christmas jammies, they are butter soft and who cares that it’s only mid November?! If it makes you happy, that’s all that matters! I’m sure she probably hates me for it but I love putting Khloe in Christmas jammies too and I usually put her in a onesie. I think they are absolutely adorable and it always gives me a little giggle seeing her in them! Home Goods always has the best dog onesie pjs in my opinion😉
#12 Neighborhood Wine Club Ornament Exchange

For many many years, my parents have always done an ornament exchange at their Christmas wine club. I started participating in the ornament exchange for the first time last year and I wish I had sooner! I think it was a sign, participating for the first time last year after losing Tyler in March. To give me something else to find joy and laughter in over the holidays and that I do!!
I hope my list of the little things I find joy in over the holidays as an unmarried widow can help you all find some joy in the holidays too! This new life is hard, especially alone but I want you to know that you are not alone, I am here for you and will do whatever I can to help others in similar situations!

Talk soon,

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