It’s never too early for holiday shopping talk! 5 decorating & stocking stuffer tips for the upcoming Christmas season!

Hi my loves! Happy Humpday!

I hope you all enjoyed my first recipe I posted here on the blog yesterday. It is for sure my number one homemade dessert and definitely something we will continue to make over the years. I could really use some comfort food like that right now, I have a dermatologist appointment today that I am quite nervous about but I did just have lots of cupcakes for my birthday so I should probably lay off the sweets! My hopes are that everything with my dermatologist goes okay today but we shall see.. I’m not sure if she is going to have to remove something and check for cancer, it has gotten a lot worse the last 5 weeks since I saw her for the first time which is why I’m concerned along with the increase in pain. Fingers crossed everything goes okay today🤞🏻🤞🏻 Stay tuned for my next recipe which will go live at noon on November 15th!!

I know there are some people out there that wait until the very last minute to do their holiday shopping but I also know there are lots that are like me, who plan ahead and start their Christmas shopping early. Y’all may think I’m crazy for diving on into this two days into November but its never too early to prepare so let’s get right to it! That way for any of you early shoppers who like to get a head start, you have something fresh to reference. By the way, this includes Christmas decoration shopping too!!
#1  It doesn’t all have to be a perfectly finished masterpiece when you start your decorating adventure..
That’s something I’ve learned over the last few years and I’m so glad I did. I’ve taken my time and meticulously picked out all of the pieces to add to my Christmas decor collection.  As time passes, it seems to be coming together quite nicely.  So take your time and pick the right pieces you see over time, I promise, you’ll thank me later!!
#2  Need some stocking advice?! I’m your girl!
Do your loved ones have a bacon grease bin specifically for storing bacon grease in the fridge or freezer? I got my dad one last year and he LOVES it! I will link below for ya..  My top pick is carried at the following stores as well as Amazon (The Container Store, World Market, William Sonoma and Sur La Table). So who doesn’t love sports?! Some of my favorite stocking stuffers have been sports team items like golf ball markers/hat clips and koozies. The best place to look in store or online for these is a place called Rally House. They have some of the cutest stuff, men and women! Okay here’s another one… Most men love a chilled glass of scotch or whiskey (at least in my family) and the best addition for that is chilling stones! There are all different shapes and sizes and you can pretty much get them just about anywhere. Who has tattoo lovers in their life? Mad Rabbit has the highest quality all natural tattoo aftercare and their Tattoo Balm is the best. It keeps your tattoos looking bright and fresh, new and old tattoos! I’ve linked their website for you and you can also use my code LP20 at checkout for 20% off your entire order. I love my Coconut&Vanilla Tattoo Balm tin and will never live without it plus it smells absolutely delicious!! If you have any ladies in your life that wear makeup, The Makeup Eraser is definitely something that needs to be in their stocking! A non-toxic and environmentally friendly makeup remover that I will never live without anymore. Head over to my Daily and weekly routines… Let’s talk about ’em!! blog post where I chat more about this company and included a discount code for you to use at checkout! They constantly release new prints, their most recent collab being Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse and not long ago they came out with a Limited Edition Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas 5pc Mini Set!! They have so many options for any lady in your life. If you have someone in your life that needs a good car charger, you’ve come to the right place!! I found this one on Amazon a few months ago and this thing is legit. It really is a fast charger, the main lightning charging cable is coiled and built into the charger so no chance of it coming out plus there is also an extra USB charging port. This charger plugs into the cigarette lighter but is a super snug fit so it won’t come loose while charging. I’ll link below for you guys, hell you may even get one for yourself!! For the ladies, Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother… If your like me and have issues with your hair drying after washing it, you need this without a doubt!! I have seriously been missing out all this time and am so glad I came across this product, it’s a lifesaver!!!! It cuts dry time pretty much in half and something else I’ve noticed is when I use this before drying my hair is my hair drys so much smoother. Before, when I would dry my hair with the blow dryer or even let it air dry, it would frizz and fluff out so much, especially when I would use the blow dryer. I looked absolutely insane after drying my hair, nobody besides Tyler, my ex girlfriend and family have seen that. I looked so bad after drying my hair every single time but now I have this and it has saved me!! Tap the follow button on Instagram to follow and see the results of drying my hair with and without the Olaplex No. 6 that I will be posting this next week! Amazon link is below for ya, I literally get everything I possibly can on there. It is so easy and convenient plus I also support a non profit in the process! Check out my Instagram highlight to find out how I do that!

Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother

32W iPhone Car Charger on Amazon

Bacon Bin Grease Strainer & Collector on Amazon
#3  Christmas decor shopping saving tip:
TJ Maxx/Home Goods has the most adorable Christmas decorations and that is usually where I get most of my things besides the good ole Hobby Lobby! Their stuff there is to die for,  some of the best prices too and you cant beat all those good prices on the cutest Christmas decor around!! The sad thing about TJ Maxx/Home Goods finds is that you dont find the same things at every store which is why I make a point to go to as many of them in town as I can!! One of my favorite finds there is a little wooden sign that says “Snuggle Season” in red. You probably won’t have much luck finding it there now but I happened to come across the exact same one on Amazon which I will link for y’all below!

TJ Maxx/ Home Goods Snuggle Season Wooden Sign on Amazon
#4  A list of some of my essential stocking stuffers:
I will link as much as I can for you guys below for fast and easy shopping! Poo-Pourri seasonal scents (Amazon and Ulta are my fav spots to find these), their favorite perfume or cologne, Starbucks gift card, Dude wipes, you can never go wrong with gum or candy,  different types of dip mixes they can make. The Sample House has great options but my favorite dip mix we’ve found was from The Biltmore in Asheville, NC. My mom actually found that they carry those dip mixes at Belk🤯🤯 So I will link that below for y’all and they are actually on doorbuster right now and half off, runnn!! Apple Watch bands… A great stocking stuffer for men and women and who can’t use more Apple Watch band options to choose from?! Etsy is my favorite place for custom items and I always find great Apple Watch bands there! My favorite one that I got last year is a flannel Christmas scrunchie band and I’m obsessed with it!! I’ll link the one I got below, I chose the Christmas Cardinal pattern but they are all adorable!

Dude Wipes
Poo-Pourri Limited Edition Apple Cider
Poo-Pourri Pumpkin Spice
Poo-Pourri Cloud Berry Travel Size
Biltmore Roasted Red Pepper Dip Mix at Belk
Poo-Pourri Oh, Spritzmas Tree Travel Size
Pou-Pourri Holiday On the Go Travel Size Pack at Target

Etsy Women’s Flannel Scrunchie Apple Watch Band
#5 More of my favorite stores for Christmas shopping!
I always find the cutest things at a store called Paper Source and they have stores across the US. You can also shop online if there isn’t a store nearby you! Another place I found thats online is called Uncommon Goods. They have some of the cutest stuff and I always find really good things on there, stocking stuffers and just regular Christmas gifts too! For any of you with men in your life, Saxx Underwear are mens underwear heaven. They were Tylers absolute favorite and I would always get him some for his stocking for Christmas. Head over to their website to check out their stuff or if your late to the shopping game, Amazon also carries Saxx underwear. If you didn’t know already, Ulta is the spot for all kinds of stocking stuffers for the ladies and even some for men too!! I always go there to get stocking stuffers for my Mom.

I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas holiday decorating and stocking stuffer shopping tips! This is the start of my favorite season and I have so many more tips and suggestions for y’all! I may even end up doing a continuance of this post with more Christmas stocking stuffer and decorating shopping tips because lord knows I have PLENTY of those to share!

Talk soon,

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