It’s my Birthday!! More of my fav Dallas spots inside plus things to stay tuned for!

Hi loves, I’m back! Today is my Birthday so I thought I would change it up a bit now that I’m back and start with a special birthday post!! I’ll continue with Wednesday’s along with my usual Saturday blog posts! What better thing to talk about on my birthday than my favorite Dallas spots I frequent?! I honestly don’t have anything excited planned besides dinner and dessert but given that my seasonal allergies are kicking my ass right now and I can’t walk much, that’s totally okay with me.. I am however getting my nails done next week curtosey of Mom and Dad this time and I can’t wait! I’m already obsessed with the idea I found and am excited to see the finished product on my own real nails!! I’ll give y’all my November nail inspiration below and feel free to copy🍂🍂

Birthday Plans!

So yesterday I decided on finally getting a dessert and I went to the only place I’ve gotten cakes ever since the end of high school. One thing you should know about me is I’m a big big planner with everything (holidays, presents, birthdays, all the stuff!), which means that I usually have my own plans and ideas for my birthday cake and most of the time, my presents too🙈 For all my Dallas locals, if you don’t mind a short drive, it’s called Say It With Sugar in Wylie!! They have the best cakes and cupcakes, hands down! To preach as to how amazing their cakes and cupcakes are, for my nieces second birthday, I got her cake special made at Say it With Sugar, packed it ever so carefully, drove it about 13 hours with my mom and grandma to Georgia and it turned out perfect! This year I didn’t really plan in advance for a birthday dessert and I wasn’t planning on getting anything to be completely honest but at the last minute decided to make the shape of the  numbers  2 7  out of cupcakes! Even though they aren’t one color/a theme, I thought, at least I can pick from the plenty of yummy flavors they have, which gave me a variety to go around! Keep a look out on my Instagram stories tomorrow to see the finished product which I will also post a list of flavors I chose too!
A place in Dallas that is a favorite of our household, Perry’s Steakhouse!! They have a Downtown location but have a few other DFW Metroplex locations in Frisco & Grapevine and before the whole COVID thing, my Dad used to go quite often over the years, for business lunches most of the time. He would bring his leftovers home for me and let me tell you, their pork chop lunch special is to die for.. Gigantic piece of pork chop, whipped mashed potatoes that are absolutely delicious and then their tasty homemade apple sauce! It’s a high end restaurant so it is a bit pricey and confession.. I’ve actually never been!! I always just got the leftovers brought home to me. We made a reservation at Perry’s for my Birthday dinner tonight, since I’ve never been I thought it was a good change up and I could finally go there myself! We obviously won’t be getting the great lunch special deal but who cares?! It is seriously a huge ass portion that I will probably end up splitting it with my Mom tonight considering we have plenty of cupcakes at home!

My feed on Instagram has been quiet over the last week or so as I’ve been taking some time to focus on my health and energy but I will be making a comeback on there soon. You’ll see new matching sweaters my Mom ended up getting us on a vacation she and my Dad took recently and let me tell you, it is absolutely adorable!! My Mom can have some really good picks in the clothing department but it’s a hit or miss, ya never know with her. But this one, this one she did a damn good job, you would honestly think I picked it out! The only bad part about a lot of my darling finds, is that they are usually from boutiques in different states. I’m sure you all know that you don’t find those pieces of clothing everywhere and really the only good chance you have of finding it is if you are nearby there around the same time. However, it could give y’all some ideas for fall outfits, like I said, it’s absolutely frickin’ adorable!!

Okay, time to chat about the Recipes section of my Blog real fast! I thought I would kick off the holiday season with uploading my first recipe, November 1st next week and I think you guys will love what I have in store! Let’s just say yummy Oreo chocolaty goodness… Stay tuned, Recipes will always go live at Noon! This first recipe I decided on is a fantastic find thanks to my Mom and what I love about it, is you can really make this for any kind of event. You can form it into any shape or object just depending on the party you are going to. It’s the absolute perfect dessert for football gatherings, comes out wonderfully as a football! You don’t want to miss out, set a reminder on your phone for November 1st at Noon when it’ll go live!!

I have so many ideas for Widowish in Dallas these last few months of 2022 and cannot wait to share with you all!! Follow along on my Instagram where I will of course post more on than my blog. I do post on my story when new blog posts go live but you can also Subscribe below to get new post alerts in your email. You can also find a lot of my favorite products I talk about, links and some discount codes in my highlights. Any and all announcements will be on my Instagram story so definitely hit the follow button to stay in the know on upcoming posts, plans, new codes and all the best deals!

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