Taking a few personal days.. Be back on my Birthday next week?!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all have had a good week so far, I had a long weekend just me and Khloe which was so nice. Thankfully I got to start the week off great with a much needed but spur of the moment therapy chat. To be completely honest, a lot of my health problems have been piling up again which has been so tough as usual, physically and mentally, especially being a Highly Sensitive Person who feels pain and emotions severely heightened than most people. I was thinking of maybe just doing a short post today and then taking a few much needed days offline to gain my energy back. I’ve loved having these blog posts several times a week, sharing my experiences and suggestions in hopes of helping other young widows in similar shoes so this makes me sad having to not post for a few days. However, I do know that my health will always come first and the last five or so days I have not had enough energy to even get through an entire day, especially with my ankle injury not right again. Sadly, I have my year post op appointment for my ankle in a few weeks and now I’m not looking forward to it that much. 

Anyways! I want you all to know that I am not going anywhere and will attempt to be as active on my Instagram stories as I can until I am back to posting regularly in a few days. I will post an update on my Instagram story as well as my homepage here once I’ve taken a little time to rest up. Given everything that I have going on right now, I am taking the suggestion of my therapist to find a new show to distract my mind while I am unable to work at the moment and take some time to rest so if you are interested in a new show, keep reading! 

Earlier this week I started The Blacklist on Netflix and holy shit was I missing out! There are 9 seasons and over 20 episodes in the first season alone so if you need something to keep you busy and haven’t watched this yet, you definitely should check it out. It is so so good!!

As the title of the post says, my Birthday is next week and actually happens to be on a Wednesday this year so I’m thinking I may just do a special birthday blog post and start back up then to hopefully give me some much needed rest so I can at least enjoy my birthday this year. I didn’t even get to enjoy a lot of holidays the last year and a half so I’m going to attempt to make this birthday different and getting rest and my energy back is a part of that. I have learned that self-care is so important and I have to worry about and take care of myself and only myself and that I’m doing, especially since I’m the birthday girl next week! So with that, talk soooon!!

With love,
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