5 Self Care Tips for Fall!

Hi guys, Hopefully you’ve had a great week so far!

Things are a little hectic over here as usual but that doesn’t stop me! Self care is so so important, especially for us grieving widows and I’ve realized recently with the help of my god given therapist, that I matter. My feelings matter. I am my priority and I have to do what is best for my mental and physical well being. Which has brought me to so much more self care work and taking care of myself as a priority!

Self Care Tips for Fall

#1 Me , Myself & I Pumpkin Carving Date🎃🎃 Set out to pick the perfect pumpkin to carve, by yourself, having some you time doing something fun! I used to carve pumpkins all the time growing up and haven’t in a very long time. I think I may make it a yearly thing every year starting this year, in just setting out to find the perfect pumpkin, carving something different and just something fun I can look forward to every October where I can sit alone, relax and just reflect! We all need a little fun and joy in our lives and especially some alone time!!

For any of my Dallas locals needing pumpkin shopping recommendations, some of my favorite spots to go are; in Allen off of Stacy Rd. They moved recently and the most I know is that if you go East on Stacy, the In N Out is on the right not too far down and they are behind there! Another place I think has amazing pumpkins is most Sprout locations. Lastly, I recently found that Calloways has a huge selection of pumpkins! Below, I thought I’d show y’all my fall pumpkin front porch this year! I’m so proud of myself and think it looks absolutely darling!! All pumpkins came from Sprouts, Calloways and then a smaller country grocery store in Fate, TX!
#2 Go on, take a long winters nap😴😴 Dr Laurens orders🤣 Get all cozied up under a nice fluffy warm blanket, get those candles or Young Living Essential Oils going, put on some of your favorite fall shows or movies (or blast Christmas music like me) and take a much needed long winters nap! You deserve it!!

oh and since I mentioned Young Living, I wanted to let you know I am in the process of getting my team all switched to where it needs to be, so that anyone who joins my team and the Young Living Family, has the best possible resources, to thrive on your new clean non-toxic lifestyle journey with Young Living. I will be getting a lot of content ready over the next week or so for Instagram, so stay tuned on my stories for a lot of that to be posted and saved to a YL highlight for easy access! Soon after that, most of the same content will be added here to my website for you to browse through and learn all about Young Living

#3 De-Clutter!!! Fall and the holidays is all about staying home more and what clutter filled house is relaxing and peaceful?! Over the last week I have been in the process of getting a big ass Goodwill haul ready to take before the end of the year and my goal is before November 15th! Not only is clutter not a relaxing and peaceful environment but it contributes to Anxiety and Depression big time, for some more than others! Fall and holidays is all about spending time with family and taking time to relax and enjoy the memories. So get rid of that clutter before all the festivities and I promise a big weight will be lifted off your shoulders! I already feel so much better since getting started on my Goodwill haul and doing some reorganizing. It’s definitely a must, clean house, clean soul!

#4 BAKE.BAKE.BAKE🍪🥧🧁 To me, baking is relaxing and I’ve also read that it reduces stress which I tend to have a lot of lol! Not only can you bake for yourself but if you don’t want to eat all the sweets or you aren’t able to for health reasons, you can bake to relax and reduce stress and then take your baked goods to lets say a nursing home or maybe some homeless folks who I’m sure would so appreciate homemade baked goods! Bake some homemade goodies for some that may not have that luxury and in the middle of doing a good deed and feeling good about what you’r doing, your reducing stress and relaxing too! I absolutely love my KitchenAid Stand Mixer, I’ve had it for probably about 7 years now and I cant imagine living without it, I’m obsessed with it and I definitely have it out more over the fall and winter season!! Stay tuned on my Insta stories for Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be posted! I am sure the KitchenAid Stand Mixer I have will be on sale again then as well!

#5 Fall Walks🍂🍁 As most of us know, walking has so so many health benefits! I’m only going to cover a handful of them so feel free to look more into the other benefits walking has! Not only does it get you moving and your heart rate up a bit but it reduces stress too!! Another great benefit walking has is it can increase your energy levels, which means just a small walk could give you great energy to finish out the day! And what better way to incorporate all of those benefits into your life than with a fall walk enjoying all the beautiful leaves, the changing colors and just the breathtaking scenery!! I was starting to get out more with walks and fall walks just warm my heart thinking about but now that my ankle is pretty messed up again, that may have to be put on hold considering I have to crawl up and down the stairs currently!

I hope that some of my fall self care tips gives you all things to do this season to focus on YOU! Take care of YOU! I know I definitely will be! Besides not being able to get out for fall walks for a bit, I have still planned on going to find the perfect pumpkin to carve here soon and since Dr Moms orders say no walking without my boot right now, I will be doing a lot of Halloween movie re runs, including my favorite, Halloweentown!!

Talk soon,

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