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Hi my loves! Happy Saturday! 

I can’t believe we are already getting into the second week into October and I really can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year.. I mean hell, I’ve already started my Christmas shopping! So crazy to think. My nieces 5th birthday is coming up soon too so I’ve been on the present hunt for a while. I love Christmas babies of course, being obsessed with Christmas, so she gets spoiled rotten! 

Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means?! Constant reruns of all of the Halloweentown movies on Disney+ ALLLL month long! They are some of my top favvv movies and I’ll be honest, I watch them throughout the year, no shame! If you haven’t seen them, you are definitely missing out and need to go watch them now! Run!! Or if your like me and not safe on your own two feet, walk fast!! Speaking of all of this! Back in August I came across the cutest Etsy find! It’s a crewneck sweatshirt that says Halloweentown at the top and then has the center of Halloweentown printed on the sweatshirt. It is so freaking cute and I am here for it! You can find the link to shop the sweatshirt in my Instagram Etsy highlights and then there is also a post back in my feed of me sporting it!!

Lately with all of the craziness going on, I have been seeing my therapist more, who I absolutely love! I have no shame in admitting and talking about seeing a therapist regularly either. I honestly think it is so healthy and anyone can benefit from going to see a therapist. You just have to find the right one for you and if you don’t like the first one you see, don’t feel bad. Trial and error baby! With everything I’ve been through in my life, I definitely need to see a therapist regularly and honestly, I want to.. I actually love it especially because I love who I see! We’ve been working on things slowly but surely this year and not too long ago, we started chatting more about getting me out and about, meeting new people and making new friends. Something that has been a little difficult for me, especially recently. I have always loved tv and movies but with Tyler passing and then having a major surgery, my life kind of became tv and movies. We were talking about things I could do that I would enjoy and she threw out the Farmers Market as a suggestion. Growing up, my parents and I used to go to the Dallas Farmers Market all the time and I loved it but hadn’t been back since I was a little girl! I still remember going and I think I even remember what the area looked like too! So I was like hey… I want and need to get out more to meet new people and that was a great suggestion, why not go and check it out?! I ended up going by myself a few weekends ago and think it may become a regular Sunday outing for me! It was cool to go, just me and see what’s changed down around there and just do some me time, exploring places that interest me! I think I may end up getting down there early tomorrow so that I am able to find parking and take some great pictures of the atmosphere and one of my favorite shops there too!!

One place I love to go check out every so often that I found a few years ago is Jade & Clover. 
It’s a cute little shop in Deep Ellum, not far from Downtown Dallas. They have the most adorable finds with a wide variety of items, gifts, planters and trinkets. They have planter pots all around the store to choose from, beautiful plants, lots of succulents and then their famous DIY Plant Bar!! The DIY Plant Bar there is any plant lovers dream come true! Definitely a place to check out for any locals or anyone visiting the Dallas area!
From picking out your very own planter or terrarium (they have so many to choose from and they are all gorgeous😍), to picking out your plant (once again, they have TONS to choose from) and then add ons like plant buddies and hats, crystals/rocks, glitter and other options! When you pick out your plant, you get to choose from a house plant or a succulent and if you end up choosing a succulent, when you choose the sand or rocks, depending on the planter or terrarium you picked out, they have sooo many colors to choose from, both for the sand and the little rocks!! If you are going for their DIY Plant Bar with a group of 5+, you do have to make a reservation so make sure to visit their website that I will link here for ya! They are open every day of the week from 11AM to 9PM too!! 

Now since it is fair season here, let’s talk about The State Fair of Texas!!! One of my favorite things to do every year! I absolutely LOVE The State Fair of Texas but the thing that bums me out is they always close just a few days before my birthday😭😭😭 I figured I would tell ya’ll all about it since they are only open for two more weeks. If you happen to see me there hobbling around in my boot, don’t mind me🤣 My ankle still isn’t right from pretty much breaking my ankle lol. For all my Dallas locals and even out of town visitors, in my opinion, the best and easiest way to get to the fair is going on the dart. It’ll drop you off literally right in front of the fair and it is so much cheaper than finding parking and walking forever just to get to the gate on top of having to walk the whole fair grounds. Another tip, come prepared with money!! All the food and drinks, games and rides and pretty much anything there costs a certain amount of tickets. Me alone, I can easily spend $100 on tickets but luckily I always end up with a free fair ticket so that helps! I always have to take a ride on the ferris wheel but their food is by far my favorite thing about it! Be prepared to do A LOT of walking when you go, it is a large fair ground and a lot to cover but I think it is so worth it! Like I said, it’s something I look forward to every single year. So I have lived in Texas my entire life but something I learned recently that I am so glad I found out about is that if you have any left over tickets at the end of your day at the fair, you can take them home, keep them and use them for the next year. Whatever you do, don’t just give them away to people still at the fair, they are so expensive and if you can save them for the following year, then why not save ya some money?!
Stay tuned for my new blog post Monday where I talk about grieving over the holidays as a new widow💗

Talk soon…

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